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By using this site either to publish ebooks or to buy them you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. This document and its content was last updated August 2015 and is applicable to all users, affiliates, authors, and publishers. We at A1AdultEbooks reserve the right to modify this document from time to time without any prior notice.

  1. Availability
    To use this site you confirm that you are of a legal age to enter into binding contracts, that you are also of a legal age to view and purchase adult related material. You also confirm that you have not been previously banned from this site by us.

  2. Visitors
    As a visitor you affirm you are at least 18 years of age and are not offended by adult mnaterial. You are welcome to browse our site, and read the free extracts. If you wish to purchase any of our titles you MUST join us as a FREE Member. This is so that any purchases can be added to your own personal library so you can download them whenever you want to. When you make a purchase you MUST use a valid email address so you can receive an email receipt containing the authorisation code for your credit card transaction.

    As a member you MUST provide us with a valid, working email address. On joining us you will be emailed an activation code, and you will not be able to gain access to the Members area, including your personal library (bookshelf) until your account has been activated. 

    On joining us you will be automatically subscribed to our twice weekly newsletter. You are at liberty to unsubscribe at any time from a link in our newsletters.

    On a periodic basis we will send a bounce test email to your registered email address. Any bounce will result in your member account being flagged as inactive - and you will need to reactivate your account from the log in screen before you can gain access to the Member area.

    After logging in as a member you will gain access to your own personal library where you can download your purchased ebooks. 

    We log ALL site activity and any member who attempts to hack this site will forfeit their membership and access to any purchases made. We may also, at our sole discretion, pursue through the courts any hacker for civil damages. Any member who divulges their Id or password to ANY OTHER PERSON will forfeit their account and all ebooks in their library will be deleted. We also may pursue that member for the perceived loss of income we have suffered to the sum of the value of all ebooks in that member's library multiplied by the number of accesses detected. We consider that any access of a Members account within a 24 hour period shall be through a single group of IP numbers - where multiple accesses occur covering different IP numbers then we shall deem that member to have divulged their details to others.

    We offer a rebate scheme to members on all our titles that are purchased using PayPal. Account balances can then be used to purchase further ebooks from our sites, assuming the balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the ebook. We do NOT repay any rebates to members.


  3. Prices
    This site displays and operates its business in US Dollars for the world, except for the United Kingdom where prices are shown in and in teh Erozone countries where prices are shown in Euros. All prices are set by the appropriate publisher who is at liberty to offer their products at a discounted price. This does not necessarily mean the product has ever been offered for sale at the full price. We do not control pricing policy by other publishers or those who self-publish on this site.

  4. Fees
    We do NOT charge fees for the use of this site. We pass on ALL costs of any chargebacks arising from fraudulent transactions and we also actively co-operate with the authorities in tracing and prosecuting any person who instigates a fraudulent credit card transaction. We WILL SEEK the maximum penalty applicable for ALL FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES through the criminal justice system applicable in the United Kingdom.

  5. Copyright
    We permit authorised publishers to post content which is immediately available for sale through our site. After we have approved a publisher (based on the first three titles they wish to publish on our site) we do not censor any further content before making it available. Therefore it is possible that a publisher may illegally post content for which they are not legally entitled to do so, or they may publish stories with unacceptable or illegal content. If you are aware of content which may not be legally distributed through this site or which causes an infringement of copyright or intellectual property, it is important to contact us immediately. We do not want to distribute any such material and will co-operate fully in any legal process against such a poster.

  6. Terms of Publishing
    You MUST ensure that you are legally entitled to distribute and charge for any item that you publish on this site. This includes adhering to copyright laws as well as any pre-existing legal contracts. Any material posted on this adult book site must be legal for sale in the United Kingdom. Any person posting anything illegal, such as child pornography (including ANY characters under the age of 18 years), will be reported to the authorities and will have their account with us terminated without compensation, and will forfeit ALL commissions earned on the account. In addition, you must select appropriate genres for your posting. If you do not do so, we will remove your title and may close your account. Any person posting anything other than legal adult content on this site will have the content removed and may be reported to the authorities if we consider such action appropriate. We reserve the right to remove any content, for any reason, without limitation or legal recourse. By posting content for sale at A1AdultEbooks, you grant us a non-exclusive right to sell such content on A1AdultEbooks and any of our other related sites - all of which will be linked to A1AdultEbooks for the purposes of sales and calculation of commissions and royalties earned.  Under this agreement, if you decide to stop selling a title at A1AdultEbooks, you continue to grant us the right to distribute your content indefinitely to users who have previously purchased your title. By uploading your content on this site you are stating your acceptance of this agreement and that you understand the terms governing how we distribute your content to consumers. This agreement replaces any previous agreement between you and A1AdultEbooks for the sale of content.

  7. Content
    You must ONLY sell full versions of your ebooks at A1AdultEbooks. Your titles may NOT include any passwords, or demands for further fees in order for the purchaser to read the entire content. You may NOT link directly to any other website, though you may mention a website if it is part of your own copyright notice, but there must be NO active links, unless you have a written agreement from us on this matter.

  8. Honesty Policy
    You must accurately describe the content you are offering for sale. Any misleading or otherwise inaccurate descriptions may constitute fraud and will result in your account being terminated with forfeiture of any royalties. You may also be liable to criminal prosecution. You are permitted to market your titles through your descriptions but what you state must be factually correct.

  9. Royalties
    We pay our publishers/authors a rate of commission as displayed on our Publish/Sell page and our Author Guidelines page. Rates may change from time to time. The content owner is at liberty to charge their own prices and to set discounts. In these instances the applicable royalty will be based on the discounted price.  Royalties are paid on a 4 weekly cycle, subject to a MINIMUM amount having been earned. All payments are made as per the details in our author, publisher and affiliate areas, and are subject to deductions for any chargebacks we are notified about by our credit card processing agent. We can make payment either by a UK (Sterling) banktransfer, international bank transfer or via PayPal. To claim payment for PayPal you will need to provide your PayPal address.

  10. No Warranty
    A1AdultEbooks, those who publish on this site and those responsible for the hosting of our services provide no warranty whatsoever and all services are provided "as is" without warranty or condition in any shape or form.

  11. Limited Liability
    Under absolutely no circumstances will A1AdultEbooks, its suppliers, hosting service or publishers be held liable for any loss of profits or any damages arising out of or in connection with use of this website, howsoever those claims may arise, including negligence.
  12. Indemnity
    You agree to indemnify and hold us and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees harmless from any claim or demand, including any fees made by any third party due to your breach of this Agreement or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

  13. Refunds
    Refunds for customer purchases will be allowed as per our Refund Policy

  14. Delivery/Shipping
    All books available on this site are electronic books (ebooks) and are available for download after purchase from your Member Bookshelf/Library. In the event of any problems with your purchase, please contact
    admin@a1adultebooks.com with details of your order and we will resolve the matter during our normal UK business hours and ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

  15. Privacy Policy
    We respect the privacy of all customers and visitors. We do not sell, rent or make any of your details provided on this site available to others. If instructed to do so by court order or in compliance with existing laws, personal information about customers will be made available to law enforcement personnel. If a customer is suspected of conducting illegal activities, such as hacking or involvement in illegal organisations, information about such activities will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.


If you have difficulty effecting a download, please contact us with your order number, a payment receipt and the format you would like to read the book in and we will send you a copy in a return email.

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