Refunds for customer purchases will be allowed where either an ebook is damaged on our server and we can not repair it and thus make it available to the customer or the content of the ebook is substantially different to the content advertised through its blurb, genre classifications and the supplied extract, bearing in mind that we allow only three genres to be selected for a given title so other genres may also apply that could not be selected by the publisher.

We will also refund duplicated purchases if they happen in the same 24 hour period.

We will not refund any other transactions.

Please note we will start legal action to recover any financial losses we incur against anyone issuing a chargeback against us and will include a 25 ($40) fee for each transaction we have to pursue. If the matter goes to court we will also claim all legal costs we incur and any transport and other disbursement costs if we have to attend court anywhere in the world. Any customer issuing a chargeback will automatically be banned from all our sites and our card processor will automatically blacklist the card you used on the transaction, which will make any further purchase online with that card very hard to achieve.


All books available on this site are electronic books (ebooks), and are available for download after purchase. If the customer is a member the ebook(s) purchased will be added to the Member's bookshelf/library immediately on completion of the purchase. If the customer is not a member then an email with download instructions will be sent to the email address supplied during the checkout procedure. Please contact our webmaster if the ebook(s) purchased do not appear in your member bookshelf after the purchase has been completed, or if you do not receive the download instructions email.


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