IF YOU HAVE A KINDLE EBook Reader - This Is For You!

If the ebook we sell has a MOBI format attached then it is compatible for reading on the Amazon Kindle, and you don't buy them through Amazon!

When you see a MOBI file format available for download you can download a copy to your Kindle from your member library.

There are two ways of doing this.

If you have KINDLE PERSONAL DOCUMENT SERVICES available on your Kindle then we can send the MOBI file direct to you through that service. Just click on the "SEND TO MY KINDLE" button on the download page.

You will be asked to supply two email addresses. The first is your registered email address at Amazon/Kindle. This is the address you use to log into Amazon and NOT your send-to email address.

The second is your `send to Kindle` email address which is your Kindle personal documents service registered email address.

After you supply those two addresses we will send the MOBI file for your book to Kindle. A few minutes later they will send it direct to your Kindle device.

If you do not have KINDLE PERSONAL DOCUMENT SERVICES available on your Kindle then you can use the instructions below to download via your PC to your Kindle.

To do this, you will need to download the file from your library to your PC
The same button will appear in your member library as you see above.
Just right click on the button and select the Save Target As... option to save to your PC.

Then connect your Kindle to your PC using a USB connector.
The "big" end of the connector should be attached your PC and the micro-connector to the port on your Kindle.

Your Kindle will now be recognised by your PC as a removable storage device.

From your PC, locate the folder on your Kindle where your books are stored and then copy the downloaded file into that folder.
You can now read the book on your Kindle!