The weather was perfect for his favorite activity. He took up his spot on the ledge that went around the fountain. There he would have a good view of all the women who walked by, a view to watch their ass go by. Of course, his goal was to find the perfect ass. His enjoyment of it started early when he was just a boy. The woman who lived next door had small breasts, but her hips were big and her ass was even bigger. From his bedroom window, he could see her hang up clothes or work in her flower bed while watching that big ass go up and down. Each cheek would go way up and then fall down and bounce a little, making it appear that the ass was always in motion. Each week, he would mow her grass. Once, when lying under the sun, she asked him to put sun tan lotion on her back telling him to go lower and then his hand was between those cheeks, and they were so soft and warm. His hand totally disappeared between them, and it was a wonderful sight. She let him touch them, put lotion all over them, enjoy them. Then one day, he was mowing, and it started to rain. He was standing there watching the rain under the overhang of the porch when she came out took him by the hand, not saying a word; she led him to the bedroom, and he loved watching her ass rise and fall under the house coat. She unzipped it, got on the bed, lifted up her ass, and said, “Why don’t you kiss and lick it.”

It was his first taste, and he loved it. He buried his face in it, sucked on it, ran his tongue between the cheeks, found the hole, and she moaned when he ran his tongue over and around it. His cock was so hard. He didn’t ask, just took off his pants and shorts, ran his cock between those beautiful cheeks. The flesh pillows felt so good.

“Find it, find it,” she said.

He didn’t know what she meant but somehow is cock found the hole, and he pushed the tip in, and it was a new level of pleasure. He pushed in more, and his entire cock was gripped by the hole. She worked her ass from side to side while he pumped in and out, and the pleasure was so intense; he wanted to scream. His first cum was deep in her ass.