RINSER – extract

© DrkFetyshNyghts 2018


“Come closer, crawl right in and ‘sniff’ my cock. DON’T touch it, don’t suck it into your mouth. Just sniff it like the bitch you are.” And he was taking Olivia further down that path of degradation. He was almost animalising her. He was most certainly lowering her in status. He was most certainly taking this woman’s dignity from her and he was doing that in the most effective way that he could. He was making her realise what she was and who she was. To say that Olivia was ‘living’ this scene as she crawled forward between Master Rex’s legs would be an understatement. “Keep your head up, I want to see your face.” That was another instruction that she wished dearly that she didn’t have to obey. And yet there was something that was making her obey. Something that was making her obey and something that was making her excited. And there was more sexual excitement as that thick cock and as those huge, fully loaded balls came closer and closer as she crawled. There was a split moment in time when the drool spilled over her bottom lip as she crawled right in close to that cock and those balls and she tried to suck that drool back into her mouth but she was only partly successful with that. Both cock and balls were hairless and smooth and that seemed to make them bigger. It seemed to make them more obscene. And it was because they seemed more obscene to her, that she was more sexually excited by it.

“I said you can ‘sniff’ my cock, you slut, not taste it and not suck it. Don’t you DARE suck my cock into your mouth. You haven’t earned that privilege and you do NOT deserve it. You just sniff it - that is all you deserve, a ‘sniff’ because you my dear are a degenerate, leaking, obscene slut and one who has a lot to learn.” And by this time, Olivia’s mouth and her flared nostrils were close, so close to the head of Master Rex’s cock. It was clear that she wanted to taste that cock. She wanted to suck it into her mouth. There was this ‘thing’ in her eyes that told that she was in yet another zone. She had been humiliated and degraded beyond even what she could imagine in her most potent fantasies and yet she wanted to taste that cock now. She wanted and needed to sink her mouth over it and taste that pre-cum that was squeezing out from the purple tip.

And that was the thing. Rex’s cock was solid. It was erect and it was solid. It was ready to go and yet he was making Olivia feel that she wasn’t worthy of tasting HIS cock. He was making her more than aware that she was lucky enough to be in such close proximity of his cock. And he was making her feel grateful for even being allowed to ‘sniff’ it. There was something in that - having this mature and yet degraded woman, this lady, or former lady ‘sniff’ his cock but do nothing else with it. She couldn’t touch it with her nose - she could just get in right in close and sniff. And she couldn’t touch it with her hands or fingers. She had been forbidden from touching it. All she could do was sniff it. And she did that hungrily. She did that because she was desperate for it. And if sniffing it was all that she could do, all that she was permitted to do then that was what she would do. She sniffed it from all angles. Because she wasn’t allowed to use her hands, or fingers, she used the angle of her head and she changed that angle as she sniffed. She got in right close, as close as she dare without touching the tip of her nose to the cock and she sniffed. She flared her nostrils and she sniffed. And Master Rex watched her as she got down lower and sniffed his balls. She sniffed them one way then the other. She took in big deep heavy sniffs and then moved back up the length and girth of that cock again and she sniffed the shaft of solid cock. She sniffed that shaft of vein ridden and rigid hard cock. She actually sniffed it like she was tasting it - like she was tasting it with her nasal senses.

Then she moved her head round, like it was floating, around the bell end. That was what she wanted to taste the most. That was what she wanted to feel in her mouth the most. She was sure that it would dislocate her jaw but she wanted that cock in her mouth. She wanted to suck it. It was oozing pre-cum and she could smell that fluid. She wanted to taste that fluid and she wanted to swallow it. She wanted to blow this man off and she was forgetting all about the lady in her now. Now she was in a zone that she was willing to be taken deeper from. Rex smiled. Already his mind was working to the future. Already he was planning his next move. “It’s ok slut, you can suck now. Suck nice and slow, nice and long. Pleasure my cock with your slut mouth.” And Olivia moaned out loud as she sank her head and her mouth over that enormous bell ended cock and began to suck.