Sam, Catherine (Cat), and Madison (Maddie) are lovers. They live together in Sam’s lake house along with Beau, Sam’s golden retriever. Sam and Cat both lost their parents some years back and inherited quite a lot of money which they have been able to grow through successful investing. Sam works in the booming field of alternative energy, and has an excellent practice. Cat is a freelance photographer, and Maddie is an artist. Sam is in love with Cat. So is Maddie. Their threesome is exciting and rewarding for them.

Sam has just asked Catherine Destiny Heller to marry him. Her emotions about him and Madison Marie Martin, her lesbian lover, were just too much for her to cope with. She and Maddie live in Dallas, just south of the lake when they are not at the lake house. Before becoming lovers, they were best friends and had been for quite some time. Sam and Cat are both into cars, Sam as the owner of a collection of antique and classics which he garaged on the first floor of the house and Cat was the owner of a new muscle car and photographer of everything associated with automobiles and the owners. They all want to stay together, even when Sam and Cat marry. Cat bought Maddie a ring just like the one Sam gave to Cat.

Sam is the owner of an antique Chris Craft runabout that he named Destiny, which coincidentally is Cat’s middle name. He has taught them both how to operate it. They have been riding around the lake on a regular basis, enjoying being on the water.


Chapter One



Sam awakened to soft lips kissing him and hands touching his erect penis. He opened his eyes to the morning light streaming through the windows and Cat’s smiling face close to his. It was Maddie who was stroking his erection.

“Good morning, daddy,” Maddie welcomed him facetiously.

“Good morning, lover,” Cat said between her kisses. “It’s a beautiful day.”

He rolled over on his back and just enjoyed what they were doing to him. “What a wonderful way to wake up,” he declared. The girls giggled.

“We hoped you might like it,” Maddie replied as she continued her stroking. She pushed both of her hands down his shaft to the base, and leaned over and kissed the sensitive tip as she gazed into his eyes. Next, she licked it from tip to base. Sam shuddered. “Let me show you something else,” she said. With that she lowered her head all the way down on him, taking his whole member in her mouth and throat for the first time. He didn’t think she could do it, but she did. Then she started raising and lowering her head on him, taking him deeper with every move. Cat must have been giving her instructions, he realized. She was still kissing him, not deeply, more like little nibbles all over his mouth and face. He loved her new technique. He thought the two girls had been sharing secrets. At that point he didn’t care, they were taking him to Nirvana.

He could feel the beginning of his orgasm. Maddie sensed it too. “Not yet, Daddy. I want something else.” He loved her calling him Daddy. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and gave it a squeeze as she moved over him. “Cat says this is wonderful, and I want to try it now.” She straddled him and raised his erection straight up from his body. She positioned it below her and lowered herself to take him inside. The first time she tried, he slipped forward, and she missed. The second time, her aim was true. She impaled her soaking twat on his cock and slid it all the way in, beginning her gyrations on top of him. It was great for her, and she felt the newfound freedom of being on top.

Cat raised her head and kissed Maddie. Sam was tightening his muscles inside her as she moved up and down on him. It was driving her wild. Cat moved to straddle Sam’s face and lowered her labia onto his mouth. He knew just what to do. She moved back and forth on him as his tongue and mouth worked on her from below. She and Maddie leaned forward and put their arms around each other’s neck and began making out passionately. Of course, Sam’s cock was stimulating Maddie, and when Cat covered her breasts with her hands and began to work on them, she hit a higher gear. All three lovers were on their way to amazing orgasms, but not too quickly. They wanted to enjoy this new game they were playing. The girls’ knees were touching as they both straddled Sam and their kisses were wet and sloppy. They didn’t care. They amazed Sam with what they were doing to him. He wondered when they had cooked up this scene.

Maddie quickly got the hang of riding Sam, and Cat was helping her as she rose over him only to force herself back down again. Sam was holding everything he could, but having them both at the same time was more than he could handle. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Maddie added a new wrinkle to her technique. When she impaled herself deeply on him, she started shaking her booty and squeezing him harder. The new sensation ruined his plans. He let loose and blew his wad deep within her vagina, all the way in. She thought he was going to blow her off his erection with his first powerful blast. She fought back, intensifying her efforts. He came again, but this time, he took her with him. As her first orgasm faded, she forced herself down on him with even more force, feeling him press strongly against the opening to her uterus. Sam was so entranced with what Maddie was doing to him, he didn’t notice that Cat was close to her climax as well. His first real clue came when he got a mouthful of her juices that flowed down his cheeks and over his chin. All three of them came at the same time, and there was more to come. Maddie was going crazy on him and Cat was pressing harder into his face as she increased her pace against his tongue and mouth. Sam did everything he could to accommodate them. At last, they collapsed in each other’s arms and fell off him onto the bed. Neither moved for a while.

Sam still couldn’t believe what they had just done to him, but he loved it all. He recovered before they did, and went into the bathroom. When he emerged, they had gone back to sleep in each other’s arms, and he again covered them with the sheet. He left them there and went to the kitchen to make a breakfast that would let them know, without doubt, how much he loved what they did to him. He loved them both so very much!

Breakfast was going to be eggs benedict made with wild caught salmon and asparagus. The sauce was a basic hollandaise made from egg yolks, lemon juice, unsalted butter with a pinch of cayenne and salt. He prepared it in a double boiler, being careful not to get the egg yolks too hot. It came out perfectly.

The English muffins went in the toaster oven while he poached the salmon and eggs, he sautéed the asparagus. Everything was ready for putting them together. He made coffee, poured three glasses of orange juice, and retrieved fruit from the fridge to top it off. He felt very proud of himself. All he needed was for the girls to wake up and come eat. The aroma of coffee brewing awoke them, and as he finished the bloody Marias, they walked in, hand in hand.

“That coffee smells wonderful,” Cat remarked. Maddie agreed.

“Have a seat, ladies,” Sam pulled their chairs out and seated them, “breakfast is served.”

He brought the drinks over, including the hot coffee, along with the fruit. Building the eggs benedict only took a moment, and he poured the hollandaise generously over them. He served the girls first and then joined them.

“This looks great, Sam,” Maddie observed as she cut into the salmon and egg, making the runny yolks spread over everything.

“Delicious,” said Cat as they hungrily devoured the delicacy.

“I am so glad you like it,” Sam responded, “we will need some energy today.”

The tequila in the bloody Marias added an excellent element as did their spiciness. They were all hungry and the meal was excellent.

“Would either of you like to have another drink?” Sam asked.

“Not me,” said Maddie.

“Nor I,” responded Cat. “This is perfect.” They both leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for a wonderful breakfast, Sam,” Cat put her hand on his and gave it a squeeze. “Now tell me what you have planned for today that will require a lot of energy?”

“I thought we might take Destiny out for a ride around the lake. Destiny was Sam’s restored Chris Craft runabout and was also Cat’s middle name, Catherine Destiny Heller. Would you guys like that?”

“Sounds great to us, right Maddie?” Maddie nodded in agreement.

“Good. Let’s get ready. Come with me, please ladies.”

He took them back to the bedroom where three t-shirts lay on the bed. “I got us some things that I hope will be appropriate,” he said as they walked over for a closer look. They all had lettering on the front, with the large one reading “Captain” and the other two “Crew.” They looked at the backs of the shirts. The one he gave to Maddie said, “I am Hers,” Cat’s said, “I am His, and the third, “They are both Mine.” The girls laughed and put them on. Sam put on his Captain’s t-shirt and they were ready.

“Now for some shorts and sneakers and we are ready to go. I have caps and Ray-Bans for all of us on the dresser. Pick out what you like, let’s get your hair in a ponytail, Cat, and you will find a couple of windbreakers in the closet.”

Sam brushed Cat’s hair and put a clasp on it then slipped it under the light jacket and they were ready. “We will need to top off the tanks in case we are out for a while,” he said. “We don’t want to run out of gas out there in the middle of the lake.”

“Ok,” the girls agreed. They were excited about taking a ride in Destiny. The walk to the boathouse only took them a few minutes, and they were lowering her into the water and climbing in. The big engines started easily, and Sam let them warm up before taking her out into the lake. When they were far enough away from the dock, he brought her on plane and they sped across the water, the wind blowing in their faces behind the windshield. The polarized sunglasses helped them to see well down into the clear water as they went.

Although the marina was about five miles from the lake house by road, it was much closer by boat. They were there in just a few minutes. Sam slowed to the marina speed limit and headed for the fueling station. They put the bumpers out and he eased up to the dock. He shut off the engines, got out of the boat, jumped up on the dock, and moored her snugly, front and rear. As he was about to go into the store, the door burst open suddenly, and a tall, blonde, young girl came running out.

“Papa Sam!” she greeted him as she jumped up into his arms, and wrapped her arms and legs around him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “I am so glad to see you. Where on earth have you been?”

“Caitlin, honey, I have been very busy, little one, even spent a week out of town, but now I’m back to stay for a while. How have you been, girl?”

“I’ve been great, aside from not seeing you for a while.” She kissed his cheek again and turned him loose. “You brought my Destiny to see me.” Her excitement showed.

“Caitlin, I want you to meet my friends,” She had noticed the two girls in the boat. “This is Cat, and this is Maddie. Say hello to Caitlin Crystal Power, girls.”

They both said, “Hello, Caitlin,” surprised, but always smiling.

“Hello to you,” Caitlin responded, “it is so nice to meet you.”

“Caitlin, I think the right tank needs topping off. We are hoping to go for a ride. Would you check the gauges and fill her up for me?”

“Sure, Sam,” she agreed, “I’ll get right on it.

“I am going to go in and talk with Jerry for a few minutes. You three can get to know each other while I’m gone.”

She saw the writing on the back of his shirt, but didn’t say anything. He went in the building and Caitlin climbed down into the boat. She checked the gauges and found Sam to be right. The right tank did need topping off. It only took her a moment. She checked the oil in both engines and found everything in order.

“You know, Cat and Maddie, I helped restore her. She is a part of me to a degree.”

Cat answered, “No, Caitlin. Sam didn’t tell us that. How do you know him, anyway?”

“Sam is the most wonderful, kindest man in the world. My father died in Afghanistan when I was little. My mom remarried, but it didn’t work out. He left. She ran off with someone else and I haven’t seen her in years. My grandma took me in and I lived with her until I couldn’t take care of her by myself. She is in a rehab facility now where they treat her very well.”

She continued, “I met Sam when I was in the ninth grade. He came to our school and gave a talk. I got the job of escorting him around that day and we got to know each other. Not long after that, my Grandma got sick, and Sam helped us out. He mentored me, guided me, and tutored me all through high school. Because of him, I graduated a year early, so I could work full-time after Granny went into the nursing home. Sam knew I have a love for boats and he helped me get this job, which I love. But enough about me. How do you two know him?”

They turned around to show her their shirts. For the first time, Caitlin noticed the rings they were wearing. “May I see your rings?” she asked politely.

They both held out their hands to her. She gasped when she saw them up close. “They are beautiful,” she said as she held back a tear. Maddie and Cat looked at each other.

“How old are you now, Caitlin?” Maddie asked.

“Eighteen, almost nineteen.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Cat inquired.

“No, not since sixth grade,” Caitlin answered.

“How about a girlfriend?”

“I was close to one girl, but that ended when I graduated. She is still in school and we grew apart,” she explained.

“Come sit here, Caitlin, between us,” Cat asked.

“Ok,” Caitlin replied, and she sat between them.

Cat hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Would you like to be our friend, Caitlin?”

She looked up at Cat and then to Maddie with tears in her eyes. One ran down her cheek and Cat wiped it away.

“Yes, I would love that. I can learn so much from you, and I will get to see Sam more often. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?”

Maddie spoke first, “I am almost twenty-six, Caitlin. Cat just turned twenty-eight.”

“Are you,” she paused, “lovers?”

“Yes, we are. In fact, I gave Maddie her ring,” Cat explained.

“Did Sam give you yours, Cat?” she asked not wanting to know the answer.

“Yes, Caitlin, he did.”

“You are engaged to him?”

“Yes, but there is more. You see, the three of us live together at Sam’s place. We work together, we play together, and we have our meals together. We are a true threesome,” Cat said holding Caitlin’s hands in hers.

“Do you sleep together?” Caitlin asked the inevitable question.

“Yes, we do. All three of us in the same bed.”

Caitlin took a moment to digest that. Cat and Maddie both hugged her as she sat between them. She let them.

“Is he a good lover?” That question surprised them both.

“Caitlin, he is the best lover ever. He is very well-endowed, and can last a long time. He has made love to both of us, one after the other.”

“Just my luck,” she lightened up. “I finally come of age, wanting to give myself to a man for the first time, and Sam already has two beautiful, sexy women in his life.” Cat and Maddie looked at each other with the mutual realization that Caitlin was still a virgin. “Do you think I will ever be as gorgeous as you?”

Maddie answered, “Honey, you are already a total knockout. Let us take you under our wings, and we can teach you about fashion, makeup, and other girly things.”

“Would you?” she answered. “I would love that.”

“Yes, Caitlin, we would be happy to help you out. That’s what friends do.”

“I am so excited,” she said enthusiastically, “I thought I had lost Sam to you two, but I have made two new friends and I feel very happy.”

“Do you have wheels, Caitlin?” Cat asked.

“Just my old truck,” she said, “but it only runs about half the time,” she chuckled.

“Do you know how to get to Sam’s place?”

“Yes, he used to tutor me there. Because of him, I graduated magna.”

“A year early, and you graduated with high honors?” Cat asked. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” she said shyly.

“What time do you get off today, Caitlin?”

“About five unless we get busy. Sometimes I stay a little later, but at least I am not on nights anymore.”

“Would you like to come visit us after work?” Cat asked.

Maddie added, “Maybe we could get to know each other better.”

“I usually just go home and watch TV or something.”

“We are much more fun than that, I promise,” Cat told her. “Here’s my cell number and she gave her a card out of her purse. If something comes up to delay you, give me a call.”

“Thank you so much. I hope to see you later, but now I must get back to work.”

Sam was just coming out of the building when Caitlin climbed back up on the dock. She turned her head back to the girls and blew them a kiss. With that, she hurried away.

“That was unusual,” commented Sam, “she usually says goodbye to me. How did you two like my sweet Caitlin?”

“She is precious, Sam, and she is head over heels in love with you,” answered Cat.

Maddie added, “She is crazy about you, lover. Do you have any other surprises like her to spring on us?”

“She is very important to me, the daughter I never had. She is gorgeous, very smart, works hard, and has dreams. A man could do worse with his children. She has made me very proud.”

Cat and Maddie had the same realization at the exact same time. It was Cat who spoke, “OMFG, Sam,” she exclaimed, “you are crazy about her, too!”

“She is much too young for me. I have always behaved myself with her and intend to continue to do so.”

“We know. She told us,” Maddie explained.

“She is all alone, Sam,” said Cat, “I am worried about her.”

“She has me. I take care of her in ways she never sees. No need to worry.” He fired the engines after having cast off, and drove away from the dock very slowly.

“What if she loses her job?” Cat asked. “How will she survive?”

“She is not going to lose her job,” Sam said firmly.

“How do you know. Anything could happen from a recession or a general slowdown in their business to major medical bills,” Cat voiced her concern in forceful terms.

Maddie asked, “How do you know she is not going to lose her job here? This is what she wants to do. How can you be sure?”

Sam smiled that wry smile of his, the one that indicated he knew something they didn’t. “I know because I own the marina,” he said as he increased to full throttle. They sped off down the lake with both girls in total amazement at this intriguing man.

They all enjoyed their boat tour of the lake. It was a large lake, at least thirty-thousand acres and it took them several hours to see it all. When they parked Destiny in the boathouse and could converse easily, they began to talk. “You own the marina?” Cat asked.

“Let’s go up to the house and I’ll tell you all about it,” Sam replied. That was all she could get out of him. They climbed the hill hurriedly, their curiosities running wild and went upstairs. Sam said, “Why don’t you two fix us some drinks and I’ll tell you the story of the marina. They made the drinks and took seats in the living room. Sam began.

“When they first built the lake, of course there was no marina, just a catfish restaurant that wasn’t very popular. It was too far away from the population centers. The locals wanted a place to launch their boats, buy bait, have their equipment repaired, and all the things a marina does. They built a couple of boat ramps and even a small building. There were no fueling facilities, management of the place was lacking vision and expertise, and they had inadequate funding. The original players held on for several years, but their efforts fell short from the start. The property went on the market. Some interest was expressed, but money was tight all around.”

“I caught wind of the listing, and had my people in New York send someone down to check things out. Their report concluded that the main obstacle was funding. At my suggestion, they began looking for investors to take control of the property and establish a top-flight facility. The sale price was reasonable, and I offered to take a fifty-one percent interest if they could find minority stockholders. They did.

“We bought the land, buildings, improvements, licenses, and everything else through a new corporation which would shield us from any personal liability, and would allow us to remain anonymous. As the facility expanded in response to increased demand, I began to up my share in the corporation gradually. What you saw today is the result. We dock over one thousand water craft of all sizes and types, and have hundreds more boaters and fisherman who use our ramps. Jerry runs the place and has done an excellent job, but he is looking to retire soon. I am grooming Caitlin to be the assistant manager and then become manager. Today, we gross about ten million dollars a year and we make around three million in profit after expenses, taxes, and things like that. We have little competition here. It has been a sound investment.”

“I’ll say,” Cat remarked, “where can you find a thirty percent return these days? Then the corporation owns the marina, and you own the corporation. Nice.”

“That’s about it,” Sam responded. “Marina personnel restored Destiny, and most of the components were supplied by vendors so they could get exposure to the boating community here and in Dallas and Fort Worth. She cost me very little and she came out great.”

“Caitlin told us she worked on her. She seems to be very attached to both the boat and her owner,” Maddie commented. Sam smiled at her comment.

“Yes, Caitlin was tireless in working on Destiny. She did splendid work, too,” Sam confirmed.

“Which brings us to Caitlin,” Cat said, “how do you feel about her, Sam?”

“I have already told you. She is like a daughter to me.”

“Sam, she is totally grown up now. She is a full-blown hottie of a girl. Surely you must have noticed,” cajoled Cat.

“Believe me, I know. I watched her grow up. Both then and now, I want what is best for her. She has no one else.”

“She is about to,” Maddie informed him, “Cat and I are going to be great friends with her. In fact, she is coming over here when she gets off work, and we are going to take her under our wings and look out for her.”

“Does she know about us?” Sam inquired.

“Yes,” Cat responded. “We showed her our shirts and filled her in on how we live and love together.”

“I have been reluctant to tell her about me. She doesn’t know I own the marina or virtually anything else,” Sam related.

“Sam, she is not a little girl anymore. You should change your thinking about her and give her the credit she deserves for the person she has become. She is all grown up now, and you can put away the past, because she has a bright future,” Cat was almost scolding him.

He didn’t respond immediately, retreating into deep thoughts. Presently he came out of his reverie. “You are right, of course. I will start when she gets here to see her for who she is, rather than as that little girl I raised. I want you two to do whatever you can with this woman who is your new friend. She needs you in her life. But you must remember, Catherine, I am in love with you and fully intend to marry you. You are wearing my ring, and that means the world to me.”

“She also needs you. Why don’t you let Papa Sam go with the little girl that she is no longer,” Maddie suggested? “It’s the dawn of a new day.”

Cat agreed. “Yes, Sam. It seems a new day has arrived.”