That orgasm had rocked her to the core. It had been the most intense yet. The orgasm on command. The one where she orgasmed and ejaculated to Giselle’s instruction. The first time she had done that it had freaked her out. And that feeling didn’t subside with time. Each and every time this black girl gave her the instruction, each and every time she gave her the command, Anna simply shuddered through to her core and then came and came. It always left her confused and bemused and weak both in body and mind.

She was shaky when she closed her legs. That orgasm had taken something from her. She didn’t know what entirely. But that something included the strength in her legs. She closed her legs but they felt wobbly, weak. And Giselle was watching her every move. The black girl helped her off the chair. It was the end of the lesson. The end of school for the day. For the week. It was party night. Giselle moved in close to Anna, right into her side and she hooked her arm into Anna’s. She was helping her without it looking like that.

The stuck-up teacher did look briefly but if truth were known she would have been relieved that there was a white girl and a black girl seemingly friends and with no racial tension there that could have been there. She wouldn’t have been looking for issues or problems there - in fact she would have been doing anything and everything she could to avoid it, or not see it. Maybe there was a missed opportunity there to save the fortunes of both Anna and her mother. There would have been this well feeling in this teacher. The stuck-up bitch could have a nice weekend and know that she hadn’t left any dramas behind her, or dramas that had been unresolved. And if there was anything, well then she would not have known anything about it and so couldn’t possibly do anything about it. She was the sort who always had her own back covered.

“So tonight Anna you deliver your mamma to me. Nicely packaged and nice to look at. You get her looking as close to a white whore as it’s possible to get, and leave the rest to me. You understand girl?” Giselle had slipped into that way of speaking that black girls did, pure street. It was like she didn’t have to pretend any more even though she often went street. And she held Anna in close and tight to her waiting for her to respond. “Yes, yes, I understand, I understand.” And Giselle loosened her grip slightly with a smug and gratified smile. “And if you come through for me, then I’ll make sure that that hungry little cunt of yours gets plenty and plenty of what it needs, now ‘cum’.” And the two stopped in their tracks, but Giselle knew that it would happen. Anna sucked in a deep breath and she held it. Her long legs almost gave way under her as the intense sexual pleasure that emanated from her nylon encased clitoris threatened to see her collapse in a heap on the floor. Anna stumbled but she didn’t go down. Another girl passed and asked, “Is she ok” looks like she’s seen a ghost.” Giselle had just smiled, “she’s fine. Just one of those dizzy moments, you know how it is with us teenage girls and our hormones right?”

And Giselle sounded so plausible, so sensible. The girl simply nodded and smiled and then moved on. “Bare it in mind Anna. I can be nice, but I can also be not so nice. I want you to look like a whore as well, ok? Look like your mother’s sister. A pair of white whores out together on party night, right? And stop the cum.” And by this time the two were walking again but Anna was still unsteady on her feet. Anna sniffed, the orgasm had been short lived but intense and it had introduced a whole new lot of slippery wetness between her legs. Wetness and slipperiness that was soaking into her pantyhose. “Yes, yes Giselle. For gods sakes yes, I understand.” And there was more than a little amount of distress in her voice. She was shaken again by what Giselle could do with just that one word ‘cum’. Giselle simply smiled and they left the school together.