Chapter 1: Queen Bitch

Michael hated that the ship was named Krazy Karissa, but he was never asked when it was christened two years ago.  It was too fine of a ship for such a name.  The mega-yacht was one hundred fifty-six feet of pure luxury.  His first mate was at the helm as the ship sliced through the water like a hot knife through butter.  It was two A.M., and he was headed to his cabin, but he went to the back deck to gaze out on the water first to calm down after a hard day.  The gentle tropical warm breeze blew lightly.  It grew warmer the farther they got from Honolulu as they headed to Sydney.

He thought everyone had retired, but he saw the lights still on in the lower salon in the stern.  Asher, his chief steward, would’ve never left them on.  He was too good at his job.  Michael was about to turn around, not wanting to disturb anyone, but he stopped when he heard the sounds.  It wasn’t the sound of talking or laughing, but the moans and the sound of making love.  It wasn’t that unusual, but that night, Michael stopped and went back.  He didn’t know why that night was any different from the dozens of times in the last two years he came upon the same thing.  His footsteps were soft.  The storm cover was still up on the large window that opened into the lower salon, and the lights, while dim, were still bright enough so he could see everything very vividly.

He saw Wyatt first.  He was the owner of the ship and his boss.  He was naked, but Michael had seen him so many times almost that way in a bathing suit, but now, his cock was out, and it was hard.  But, his eyes left him immediately as it went to the other occupant of the room.  It was Karissa, his wife.  She stood in front of Wyatt as she slowly began to take off her clothes.  She was down to her bra and panties, not much more than her bikini, but Michael waited patiently to see the rest.  He had a good view of her.  He wanted to see the bitch naked and crawling on her knees to Wyatt.  It’s what she deserved.  She was responsible for his bad day.

Karissa teased Wyatt as her hands went behind her back and she undid the bra, but she didn’t let it fall, she held it on her breasts with one hand.  “Stroke your cock for me, Wyatt.  Get it big and hard for me.”  She had Wyatt naked and stroking his cock as if she had him on a leash.  Wyatt desired her so bad, she could probably make him masturbate and cum for her if she wanted to.

Wyatt would do anything for Karissa, and he usually did.  He gave her everything she desired and more.  As wealthy as he was, she was his downfall.  He could have anything he wanted except for her unless she allowed him that privilege.  She’d insisted they take the ship to Sydney for Wyatt’s closing on the company he bought.  He’d have a month on the ship for himself with her.  Her sister and boyfriend coming along upset that a bit but not much.  The other couple was Wyatt’s partner, older, but he had a young trophy wife, but they were no hindrance to his plans.  It hadn’t worked out according to his plan yet, but since they left Honolulu and the weather got hotter, so did Karissa.

“Do you want to see my breasts, Wyatt?”  For thirty-four, she had the breasts of a twenty-something.  They stood up tall and proud without the least amount of sag.  She worked out religiously to keep her figure.

“Yes, show me them,” Wyatt eager.

She let the bra slip to the deck, but she pushed one hand across both of her breasts.  It wasn’t enough to hide them completely, for they were far bigger than that.  Her nipples grew hard into her hand as she always grew aroused with such ease.  She pulled her arm away.  She arched her back and thrust out her breasts haughtily.

“Play with your nipples, Karissa.”  Wyatt encouraged her.  The hornier she got, the more he got.

She tweaked her nipples, and they tingled to the depths of her breasts.  Her pussy grew wetter as Karissa stared at Wyatt’s cock.

She had big areolas that surrounded the perkiest nipples Michael had ever seen.  Her fingers made them big and hard from just the slightest touch.  Michael would love to get ahold of her tits.  He’d do much more than allow her to show them.  He’d take possession of them in ways she could never fathom.  How could such a bitch be this beautiful and sexy?  He wanted to see her pussy.

“Do you want to see more, Wyatt?”  Her fingers teased across the top of her low-rise panties.  Wyatt couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she couldn’t blame him.  The panties were low on her belly and so tight that he could easily make out the full lips of her pussy and the generous divide that separated them.

Michael could see part of her ass, and he was disappointed that she didn’t wear a thong.  She had a nice ass, and Michael was an ass man.  He was sure that she’d never given it up.  He’d like to bust her ass cherry.  Come on, slip off your panties.

She slowly rolled the top of her panties down painstaking slow to tease Wyatt.  She could see the drops of cum that already leaked out the head of his cock.  He better not shoot out prematurely, or she’d have to punish him for that.  He did it once, and he regretted it.  She made him get hard again and cum for her immediately a second time.  He didn’t want to, his desire gone, but she treated his cock and balls roughly until he had no other choice.

Wyatt got the first hint of her brown bush.  The fine hairs stood out against the background of her white skin.  There were few parts of her body that weren’t tanned, and that was the tips of her breasts and her pussy.

The wetness between her legs increased as her panties played over her bush and the follicles resonated deep between her legs.  She finally rolled her panties down, and she let them slip to the deck.  Her hand coyly slipped over her pussy to hide it from Wyatt’s searching eyes, but she continued to tease him by spreading her legs wider.

Michael hated that she had a bush.  It was nice, but he preferred his women to be shorn, and he insisted on it.  For those that weren’t shorn, he loved to do it the first time.  There was nothing sweeter than to have your face between a woman’s legs up close and personal and slowly shave her pussy until it looked as though she was a newborn baby.  Karissa’s naked ass offset the disappointment from her bush.  She had two full buttocks split erotically by a neat crack.  Her buttocks were relaxed, and his imagination ran wild when she spread her legs wider as if he could see the mysterious hole tucked between her twin buttocks.  He could play with her ass all day.

“Move your hand, Karissa.”  Wyatt grew desperate.  He had to see her pussy.

“My, we are eager tonight, Wyatt.”  She knew she couldn’t keep him in suspense much longer, or it would be too late.  She finally pulled her hand away.  She moved closer to him, spreading her legs wider as she stood there naked before him.  Wyatt still stroked his cock.

“Get on your knees and take my cock in your mouth.”  The words slipped out of his mouth in haste before his mind comprehended what he said.

Now what Michael wanted to see was haughty Karissa on her knees with a cock in her mouth.  That is what the bitch needed.  He waited for her to obey.

She ignored Wyatt completely as she always did.  The last time she sucked his cock was before they were married, but since their wedding night, his cock never entered her mouth, and it would never again.  “That’s right, Wyatt.  Lean in close and show me what your wonderful mouth can do for me.  You made me so wet for you and your big cock.  I need your mouth licking my pussy,” she heaped praise on him to get him to obey.  He fell for it every time.

He could smell her arousal.  She wanted his cock, but he needed to get her wet enough so she could take his monster inside her.  She always needed that.  It was the fate that every man with a big cock had to deal with.  “Yes, let me take care of you, Karissa.  You need me.”  He wet his lips, and he immediately attacked her pussy.  His fingers plucked apart her pussy lips, and he saw the glimmer of her arousal.  His tongue began to lap up all her sweet nectar.  It tasted good as his tongue explored every inch of her pussy.  He had to release one of her pussy lips so he could stroke his cock when he ate her pussy.

“Yes, yes, just like that, Wyatt.  You know just what I like.  Keep it up,” she continued to urge him on.  She wouldn’t let him stop until she came.  He’d be disappointed, but she’d fuck him and make him cum like she always did.  He just hadn’t been able to make her cum with his cock in at least a year now.  She didn’t know why or care, as long as she got her pleasure, and his tongue was doing it well.

Michael never knew Wyatt was so weak with her.  He was known to be tough in business, and he was stern as Michael’s boss, but with sex, the queen bitch, Karissa, ruled the roost.  She needed to be broken by a stern master that would take and break her, but Wyatt would never do it.  She’d lead him on forever.  He did see that she enjoyed sex.  At least she wasn’t one of those women that hated sex and took it out on her husband.

Wyatt soon had her cumming, but he seemed to be surprised when she did.  Karissa fooled him once again.

“No, no, don’t cum,” but he never pulled his mouth or tongue away from her pussy.  He wouldn’t disappoint her that way and leave her hanging.  She might do the same thing to him.  He lapped up every drop of her juices that flowed freely under the skill of his tongue.  It lashed across her clit to drive her lust.  He always did that to her.  It was his curse that he was too good and made her cum.  He didn’t pull away from her until he was sure she was finished and her body stopped shaking.

The minute he sucked on her clit, she was a goner.  It was his fault as he knew her weakness and chose to ignore it.  Her body exploded on him, and her hands went to his head to make sure he didn’t desert her until she was finished, but it wasn’t needed.  His mouth never left her pussy.  His tongue moved urgently over her pussy and drove her orgasm higher, but he was always so gentle.  If only one time he’d bite her pussy lips, even by mistake.  She was sure that it would drive her higher.  “You’re too good, Wyatt.  Why do you do that to me?”  She blamed him.

“I’m sorry, Karissa.  I can’t help it.”  He was a born cocksman, and nothing would ever change that.  “What about me, Karissa.  I performed on you with my mouth, do the same to me?”  He waited impatiently for her answer, not stroking his cock any longer, fearing that he’d cum prematurely and end it all.  He liked that she was beholden to him now.

“Sit back on the couch, Wyatt.  I’ll take care of you.”  Her juices ran down her thighs, but Wyatt couldn’t wait any longer.

He held his cock up in his hand as she moved closer to him.  She was going to suck his cock.  If he touched his cock the slightest, he knew he’d cum instantly.  He was too excited at the thought of her taking him in her mouth.  He’d ejaculate as soon as her mouth gripped his cock, but she’d have to lap up every drop of it, and he was profuse.

Michael had hoped to see her suck Wyatt’s cock finally, but instead of her getting on her knees, she straddled his hips.  He saw her pussy perched high above Wyatt’s cock as he held it up, but he didn’t care to see it go inside her pussy.  Instead, his eyes were drawn to her buttocks.  When she straddled his hips, her crotch opened up wide, but it wasn’t only her pussy.  Her buttocks parted as if they were the Red Sea.  Nestled in the sea of white flesh was a tiny, virginal hole that beckoned to Michael’s eyes, her ass hole.  So small and delicate, it begged for the touch of his fingers to open her up, and then, it would blossom for his cock.  He’d have her begging for his cock in her ass.

She was still soaked, so his cock went in with ease.  She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts.  He wouldn’t last long, so she had to work fast.  “Oh, you’re killing me with your big cock, Wyatt.  It’s so big and hard.  It’s like you’re trying to split me up the middle with it.”  She had all the lines ready for him, and Wyatt fell for all of them in spite of the fact that she’d used them over and over.  His ego wanted to hear them, not caring that she said the same ones often.  She clenched his cock as her hips began to move back and forth.  She could feel his cock slide in and out of her, but she wished he were bigger.  She clenched her pussy as tight as she could around his cock, but it never gave her the fullness she desired.

It was as though his cock was in a hot, tight vise that enveloped his cock.  She might have cum, but her pussy was ready for him again.  He had that way with women, an insatiable appetite for his cock.  He held out as long as he could, but she was too good.  “Yes, I’m going to cum in you, Karissa.  Drain the cum from my cock with your tight pussy.  Fuck me to death!”  It hurt the first time he jetted inside her, but by the time the second jet shot out, it was pure pleasure.  She continued to fuck him, and he rewarded her with more of his cum in tribute to his skills.  He shot four times inside her before she slowed down, but he felt her pussy muscles continue to work on her shrinking cock.

She finally stood up as the cum ran down her thighs.  She picked up the nearby towel that she had placed there for this outcome.  She wiped her thighs but then threw the towel around her body.  “I have to clean up, Wyatt.”  She left him to clean up the cum on the couch so Asher, the chief steward, wouldn’t find it in the morning.  Even on their own ship, they had little privacy.  There were eleven people on board now, and the ship was only one hundred fifty-six feet.  That made it sound more crowded than it was.  She ran up to the master cabin so she could take a quick shower and then get into bed.

Michael could see that they were ready to leave, so he left immediately, not daring being caught as a voyeur.  He saw that in sex, Karissa wasn’t any different from the rest of her being.  She was a bitch, and on the ship, she was the queen bitch.