Chapter 1


Valerie Thompson studied her image in the full-length mirror in the bedroom.

She smiled, her hands on her hips, shoulders back. The whole outfit in black leather, fitted perfectly. She loved the leather belt, with its steel D rings, snug at her slim waist. Round her neck was a wide leather choker also with D-rings and shiny brass studs. More D-rings were at the wrist and ankles of her long leather gloves. One ring of each pair had a snap fastener, like the clip on a dog lead.

Similar D-rings, with snaps, were at knee and ankle of her tall thigh length boots. Their five-inch heels made her unsteady, but she loved the soft feel of the boots against the sensitive skin of her thighs.

The whole outfit; low-cut tunic and short skirt, was in soft black leather which matched her dark hair and complexion very well. Also, it emphasised her figure extremely well - particularly her shapely hips, and firm big breasts.

She twirled round slowly, smiling, showing her fine teeth. She considered, with a sharp little thrill, that six months ago the thought of wearing such an outfit would never have occurred to her.

Her leather outfit was designed for bondage ...’



Six months ago she’d done something stupid which had annoyed her boyfriend, Colin. He’d begun to spank her for it, in fun. She’d struggled so wildly he’d tied her hands behind her back. More futile kicking and struggling and he’d tied her ankles, making her helpless for the first time in her life. She’d done the only thing she could, then, until he’d stopped squeals with a simple gag, using his handkerchief and her scarf.

Valerie would never have believed how much more helpless she’d felt, when Colin had gagged her.

She’d never felt so hotly embarrassed as that night, lying totally helpless and quiet over Colin’s knees. Even now, six months later, thinking about it made her pussy and her nipples tingle alarmingly.

Once Colin had her helpless and quiet he’d spanked hell out of her. This was the first time Valerie had been spanked in her adult life. All she’d been able to do was to wriggle furiously, trying desperately but unsuccessfully, to squeal through her gag - and take it.

Then, there had been another object lesson for her. She’d learned how to submit.

Colin had spanked her attractive bottom until she was beyond caring and became much more submissive than she’d ever have thought possible. Their wild passion afterwards had been a surprise to them both and Valerie had thoroughly enjoyed the whole frantic experience.

Colin could never have afforded to buy her the outfit she was wearing. But her new boyfriend, Kenneth, could - and had. Piece by piece.

His latest present lay there on the bed.

Valerie would have loved to try this out before he came, but she couldn’t do it alone, so she’d pushed it back into its box. No doubt they’d try it out together, when Ken called, later.

As Valerie did a final slow twirl, smiling at her erotic recollections, the doorbell rang. She quickly slipped her long gloves off, guessing the caller may be her new friend, Helen. She wasn’t the type to take to bondage; Helen would be calling for a chat, and a coffee. She usually did, if she was passing by. The time was just after seven pm. - too early for Kenneth.

Valerie slipped her housecoat on, over her leather outfit. Helen was broad-minded enough not to be shocked, but it would certainly give her something to think about, if she saw the whole outfit. Valerie quickly took off the wide choker.

She was full of self-confidence as she went to answer the door. She checked through the viewer that it was Helen, then unlocked the door and swung it open.

“Come on in.”

Helen was as fair as Valerie was dark; with long, silky blonde hair and big blue eyes. Though Helen was a few years older they were very similar in size and build.

Helen said: “Hi, Val.”



She came in, smiling, as usual. She always struck Valerie as being very pleasant and relaxed, but perhaps a bit too calm and reserved. Her steady manner probably suited her work. She was a private secretary to some big shot businessman.

Valerie closed the door and locked it again. She followed Helen in, envying her blonde hair and fresh complexion, though she would never have admitted this. Helen, she knew, was very impressed by her own dark hair and eyes and her natural sun-tanned appearance.

“I was passing by,” Helen said, -so I called for a chat. I won’t stay too long.”

“What do you think of this?” Valerie couldn’t resist the temptation to show off. She opened her housecoat and held it wide to display her new outfit.

“Good heavens!” Helen stared, blue eyes wide.

“Do you like it? Ken bought it for me.”

“Well, it certainly shows off your figure nicely, and -”

“You try it, if you want to?” Valerie’s dark eyes shone with enthusiasm. “It will suit you, being blonde. It should fit; we’re about the same size.”

“No thanks,” Helen shook her head. “I haven’t the time tonight. I’m not staying long.”

As they sat chatting and drinking coffee, Helen couldn’t keep her eyes off Valerie. She was obviously very surprised that Valerie’s new boyfriend, Ken, had bought her the fantastic leather outfit - or perhaps she was just a little shocked.

Valerie had an idea. Why not try out her new gift and shock Helen a bit more? Make her jealous, perhaps.

“Ken sent me another present,” she said casually. “Will you help me to try it on?”

“Certainly,” Helen nodded. “It won’t take long, will it?”

“About ten minutes, perhaps.”

“No problem. What is it this time?”

Valerie went into her bedroom. She came back with the long slim box minus her housecoat. She took out the black leather present, handed it to Helen, smiling, and put the box down on the settee, out of the way.

Helen held the present up, taking in its lacing and belt and buckles. She seemed amazed, and asked, “Whatever’s this thing for?”

“It goes under your arms, like this.” Valerie showed Helen how to hold it then turned and pushed one arm in.

“You’re joking!” Helen said, her blue eyes twinkling.

Valerie pushed her other arm in. “Now, pull it up my arms.”  Her back was towards Helen. She didn’t see the amused grin as Helen tugged it well up her arms. Valerie wriggled her hands into the single mitten, enjoying the sensation this gave her.

“Fasten the straps over my shoulders, then lace it up.”

“This is real bondage stuff, isn’t it?” Helen said drily. “All good fun. I suppose, if you enjoy it.”

She quickly buckled the two straps over Valerie’s shoulders, pulling them back tautly. Then she began to pull the lacing up tight.

Valerie stood with her back to Helen, head back, gazing up at the ceiling. She gasped. “Ahhh!” softly, as Helen pulled the lacing tight and tied it off. She moved her feet further apart to keep her balance.

“This must be murder!” Helen said, as she buckled the strap round Valerie’s wrists.


Helen buckled the strap above Valerie’s elbows so tightly she went up onto tip-toes, gasping, “Ooh!”

There you are!” Helen said, confident that Valerie’s arms and hands were useless. “How does it feel?”

The odd scary feeling of being helpless made Valerie feel suddenly hot. She shuddered with excitement.

Helen put her hands on Valerie’s shoulders and turned her round slowly.

Valerie shook her head, looking amazed. She couldn’t speak, she was so breathless and excited.

Helen grinned, and eyed the full breasts, thrust forward tautly, nipples plainly visible through the soft leather.  She couldn’t resist fingering one lightly.

“Hey!” Valerie cried, trying to twist away.

Helen put her arm round Valerie’s shoulders, gave her a big smile, held her still and calmly traced a slow line across to her other nipple, already nicely erect ...

Valerie suddenly realised she was wrong about Helen … 

“Oh, do-o-on’t!” Valerie wailed.

‘If the boy-friend gets you into that thing, he’ll-”

“I know!” Valerie gasped “He’ll have … me off ... in no time!”

“Hmmm! And nothing you can do about it,” Helen chuckled. “You must enjoy being helpless - do you?”

“Uh-huh,” Valerie admitted reluctantly.

Helen considered this, smiling wickedly as she watched Valerie become more and more agitated, trying to move her arms, shaking her head and gasping rapidly.

“Oh, sit down before you fall down.” Helen led her victim to the low settee.  Valerie tried to sit but had to lean forward awkwardly.

“Oh, I can’t,” she said.

Helen stooped and gripped Valerie’s ankles as she added “My hands are too-”

“Lie down then!” Helen interrupted as she raised Valerie’s feet, forcing her to fall slowly over to lie on her side. Still holding both ankles firmly, Helen raised Valerie’s feet higher, until she had to roll over and lie face down.

While Valerie was trying to work out what was happening to her, Helen coolly used the snap on her boots to fasten her ankles together. Then she moved to the end of the settee and began to tug poor Valerie by her feet, until her nips rested over the arm.

“What are you doing?” Valerie wailed, wriggling furiously.

“Lie still! You wanted to play bondage. I’m going to teach you how. Now, kneel!”

Valerie rolled about awkwardly, unable to use her arms and unwilling to kneel to Helen’s order. Finally, she gave up and bent her knees. Helen hooked a finger through the strap at her wrists and pulled her rigid arms upwards and to one side, out of the way.

“OW!” Valerie yelped, still kneeling, squirming, face down. Helen stood to one side, out of range of her slowly waggling feet, and realised she’d pushed Valerie too far.

“Please, Helen – don’t!” Valerie cried, knowing she was at a considerable disadvantage - virtually helpless.

“Don’t - what?”

Helen smiled, eyeing Valerie’s unwillingly offered bottom, the full curves jerking as she tried to kick. She was amused at the way the fingers of Valerie’s captive hands made small frantic movements inside the single leather mitten which held them firmly palm to palm.

For a few moments Helen considered something, then she let Valerie’s wrists go.  From the way she was wriggling and gasping Valerie didn’t like being in that awkward position. Helen was determined, now she’d decided what she was going to do. She forced Valerie to wriggle a bit further over the arm of the settee.

“Ah-oww!” Valerie cried, as Helen jerked her arms upwards again. She slid obediently still further over the arm of the settee, until she was on tip-toes with her long legs almost straight.

That was the position Helen wanted her in.

She casually flipped the short leather skirt up over Valerie’s back and smiled at the sight of her defenceless bum-cheeks and the loose-fitting, black leather briefs she was wearing.

The stray wisps of dark curly hair visible at the narrow gusset of the briefs gave Helen a vague idea.

“Let me up, Helen!” Valerie guessed what Helen might do next and wailed “Please, don’t take my pants down - OH-h-h!” as Helen tugged the briefs down to her knees, baring her from the tops of her boots almost up to her waist.

Helen smiled as she surveyed Valerie’s sleek hips and thighs, and the jerking wobbling curves of her agitated bottom. The dark curly hair around that attractive pussy fascinated Helen. She quickly decided her vague idea was a good one. She grinned and decided to go ahead with it.

“Helen ple-e-ease!” Valerie pleaded urgently, sensing a big difference in Kenneth making her helpless, and the way Helen was going about this.  She began to blush furiously, sensing Helen’s eyes upon her exposed nether regions.

“Keep still, Val! Stop squirming, or you’ll regret it!”

Valerie obeyed reluctantly. She wriggled into the best position she could and lay still, very much aware of how naked she felt. She couldn’t imagine what had got into her normally placid friend.

Smack! ... Slap! ... Helen began to spank her without any warning. Full blooded flat-handers to both cheeks in turn.

“Ow-w-w-w! ... OW-W-w-w!” Valerie cried, as the fierce, stinging slaps connected sharply with her bare cheeks, rippling their soft curves. Helen was slapping her so hard she felt herself beginning to bounce helplessly on the soft arm of the settee.

Helen still held Valerie’s arms well up, keeping her in the same near-perfect position. She timed her slaps to match Valerie’s involuntary bouncing, striking as the defenceless cheeks rose to meet her hand.

Very quickly they picked up a steady rhythm. Valerie’s full cheeks took on a deep pink sheen, laced with dull red finger-marks. Her face was almost as red as her bottom. She lay writhing and wailing and gasping protests.

Helen took no notice of her at all.