TAKEN With Intent 2 by drkfetyshnyghts

TAKEN With Intent 2 

Taken 2 - excerpt

TAKEN With Intent 2 – Excerpt



There were times when Alice wished there could be contact, or communication, or some sort of conversation with this woman. This would maybe help her through it a bit better. This might give what was happening to her some kind of human angle to it. But there was nothing. And one had to suspect that there was nothing on purpose. That the silence was deliberate so that the torture on her mind would be magnified and so that the torture on her feminine intimacies was so much more. There was just this silence, except for the sound of Alice breathing and Faizah working. The worse sound for Alice was the sound of this woman’s metal tipped high heels as she moved around that vast space. The same space that Joe used to work on her. This was what made it all real for Faizah - that she suffered here at the hands, and the twisted mind of Joe, so Alice was suffering at the hands and the mind of her. That was a delicious irony in Faizah’s mind. It showed how disturbed this woman was. But it could never show how disturbed this woman could be. It could never divulge the entirety of her sadism and what she was capable of. Of course, there was the possibility that there was no limit to what she was capable of. Certainly the way she worked on Alice and what she did to her and with her suggested that there were no areas, and that there was nothing that was off limits.

Alice grunted. It was a deep guttural grunt that was as animalistic as it was disturbing. And that was the thing, it was disturbing on a major level. There was this grunt and then this wet, wet slippery sound that came from her mouth. And accompanying that sound was the roll of her eyes and the bulge of them out of their sockets. Faizah was working again. She was working between Alice’s legs again. She was working on all of that sucked flesh and all of those wide-open receptors again. Now though she wasn’t working with her mouth. At least she wasn’t working entirely with her mouth. Although every so often she could be seen to dip her head and take a noisy suck of that flesh and that would extract another full-cry from Alice. Mainly though she worked with her hands and with her fingers. She was using medicated dental floss and she had bundled all of those nerve endings together and she was winding the dental floss round and round. She had started at the base. She had squeezed it all together like some sort of specialist florist at work, and she had looped and knotted the floss and then begun the tortuously slow process of mummifying the clitoral nerves. Just one layer, never doubling up or overlapping any layers. Just each turn of the floss very carefully and very intricately applied.

And that was what Faizah did - she worked minutely and she worked intricately but more to the point she worked precisely and expertly. Each of the turns of floss sealing the clitoral nerves in. Each of the twist covering up a little bit more. And each of those turns of floss having its own effect on the erect clitoris. A little burning from the medication. And yet that burning also applying an after-pleasure. That floss acting as an amplifier to the throbs that had been left in the base of the clitoris. Alice being subjected to a whole new set of sensations and mind fucks. Alice being subjected to a whole new load of tortuous excess. And Faizah working in a way that told that she was casual about what she was doing. That she was comfortable with that she was doing. That she didn’t have a conscience about what she was doing to Alice. And that was pretty much the most disturbing thing about this - not the abuse and raping of this girl’s senses and intimacies but the casual way that a mature woman could do what she was doing. The absolute casual way that she could begin yet again to layer this torment onto Alice.

The more of Alice’s clitoris that was mummified in this way, the more her noise levels were raised again. There was the constriction of the clitoral ‘bundle’. And that constriction was a permanent thing. There was no let up from that constriction. The squeezing of it, the ability for that squeeze to add to that throbbing. But the thing about that mummification was that it emphasised the clitoris, it sensitised it and it just further prepared it for more and more abuse. Because that is what it was, abuse of this girl’s most intimate flesh. Of her most private flesh. Of the flesh that she had barely discovered herself and that yet now, felt like it wasn’t her own. Of course, then there was the piece of the clitoral bundle that was left exposed.

The very tip. The very ends of those receptors left open to the elements. That mummification having squeezed and forced all of the blood to the tip of the clitoris. And now that tip like a swollen blood bubble that was left out of the mummification. That blood bubble almost ‘quivering’ with Alice’s petrification. And Faizah getting down and swiping that little bubble with her tongue. And that action bringing another sound from Alice. That was a sound that hadn’t been heard so far. It was one that showed a new level, of absolute torment. It showed that Alice was feeling something with that licks that she didn’t understand. Or that she thought was not possible, or not believable. And certainly one that she could not deal with. The only way that she could deal with it, was to make that noise. That got her through it. It helped her to get through it. It didn’t stop a little more of her mind from melting away, but it would have felt like it was helping in some way.

The thing about Alice was that she was very much her mother’s daughter. They shared hair colouring and they shared facial features. Indeed they had been likened as sisters. And at the very least Alice was easily identified as Doreen’s offspring. They were both head of the queue for long legs and equally for impressive breasts. And with Alice’s clitoris nicely mummified and ready for the next stage of the process, Faizah began the work on the breasts of the girl. Or more to the point she began the work on the nipples of the girl. To say that Alice was on the edge of madness already would be something of an understatement. But that was a fact. She WAS on the edge of madness. It didn’t help when Faizah began work, with her mouth and tongue again on the nipples. Wetting them, saturating them and then sucking them. There was this new intensity to those sucking and wettings to the nipples. That was caused by the floss squeezing the clitoral nerves. It was caused and amplified by that throbbing that Alice could feel. And then it was furthered by that incessant squeezing.

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