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Ravishing in Rope

Taken by the Neighbors

Linda's Lies


Castle Intrigue

The Sheikh Adds To His Collection Of Women

The One Night Stand

Ursula's Caged Girls - Book 1

Slaves Of The Sultan - Book 2

Overpowered Men

While the Wife Was Out No. 2: Peter

Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders

The Boy From The Woods

Make You See Stars


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Yvonne Strickland SALE

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26 Mar 2014

New MEMBERS feature - register your Kindle device using the Member menu option and we can send your ebooks to your device as soon as you buy them. No need to download first! Note we can only send books indicated as suitable on site, direct to your device.

21 Mar 2014

In just a few hours Kindle have banned thousands of erotic ebooks - and BDSM is their target so it seems. You can still buy many of those books on A1AdultEbooks - STOP buying from Amazon and buy here instead.



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sales level 0

1.  Ravishing in Rope - Diana Philbrick

sales level 0

2.  The Sheikh Adds To His Collection Of Women - Allan Aldiss

sales level 0

3.  Linda's Lies - Leslie Sea

sales level 1

4.  The Nerd Girls' Revenge - Argus

sales level 0

5.  BLACK BOYS' MORE TOYS - Sylvester Horne

sales level 0

6.  Fly You To The Moon - Jocelyn Han

sales level 0

7.  Taken by the Neighbors - DeAnna Sodus

sales level 2

8.  State Punishment - Ian Smith

sales level 1

9.  Teased, Tied & Trained - Powerone

sales level 1

10.  THE RUBBER CLUB Part Two: Total Transformation. - Amelia Stark


sales level 2

1.  Castle of Slaves Part One - Simon Grail

sales level 2

2.  The Banker's Demands - Argus

sales level 2

3.  The Banker's Discipline - Argus

sales level 1

4.  Castle of Slaves Part Two - Simon Grail

sales level 1

5.  The Banker's Domination - Argus

sales level 1

6.  RETURN TO HOPE FARM 3 - drkfetyshnyghts

sales level 1

7.  The Nerd Girls - Argus

sales level 1

8.  Tortured Passage Book One - Richard Carradine

sales level 1

9.  The Stern's Ponygirls - Peter Marriner

sales level 1

10.  Torment For Tiffany - Bruce McLachlan

sales level 2

11.  The Banker's Payment - Argus

sales level 1

12.  Too Late For Freedom - Richard Carradine

sales level 1

13.  Demise Of A Lover - Mark Andrews

sales level 1

14.  Castle of Slaves Part Three - Simon Grail

sales level 1

15.  The Nerd Girls' Revenge - Argus

sales level 1

16.  The Devil's Embrace - Anonymous

sales level 0

17.  Taken by the Neighbors - DeAnna Sodus

sales level 0

18.  Slavewhore (Book Two) - Paul T Morrisson

sales level 0

19.  The Widow - Shooter3704

sales level 0

20.  The Degenerate's Victim - Anonymous


sales level 0

1.  Another Nightmare in South Africa. (The Sequel.) - Amelia Stark

sales level 0

2.  Harem Captive - Book 1 - Allan Aldiss

sales level 0

3.  Harem Captive - Book 2 - Allan Aldiss

sales level 2

4.  Gemma - Charles Graham

sales level 0

5.  School for Escape Artists - John Savage

sales level 1

6.  Sisters In Slavery - Charles Graham

sales level 1

7.  Captives Of The Colonel - Charles Graham

sales level 0

8.  Slaves Of The Sultan - Book 1 - Allan Aldiss

sales level 1

9.  Olivia Enslaved - Charles Graham

sales level 0

10.  Slaves Of The Sultan - Book 2 - Allan Aldiss


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